Donor Wall of Thanks

Students presenting a big check to the Cat in the Hat
Springfield students organized “Pennies for Seuss” to fundraise for the new museum.
Photo by Mark Murray/The Republican

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss and and were created with the gracious consent of Mrs. Audrey Geisel, the widow of Theodor S. Geisel, and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.

Quadrangle Philanthropists $1,000,000+
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Visionaries $500,000 - $999,999
Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation
Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

Pioneers $250,000 - $499,999

Innovators $100,000 - $249,999
Beveridge Family Foundation
Big Y World Class Markets
Cultural Facilities Fund - Massachusetts Cultural Council
Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.
Institute of Museums and Library Services
LEGO Children’s Fund
MassMutual Foundation, Inc.
Newhouse Foundation

Benefactors $50,000 to $99,999
Artemis Consultants
Berkshire Bank Foundation
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
People’s United Bank
United Bank Foundation
United Personnel

Leaders $25,000 to $49,999
Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc.
HP Hood
North End Educational Development Fund

Partners $10,000 to $24,999
Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas LLP
Charles Hall Foundation
Cooley Shrair P.C.
Insurance Center of New England
Toner Plastics
St. Germain Investments

Ambassadors $5,000 to $9,999
Andrew Associates Inc.
Central Chevrolet Inc.
Chicopee Savings Charitable Fund
Collins Electric Co. Inc.
Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy, P.C.
Falcons Hockey Entertainment LLC
Flowers, Flowers Inc.
Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, P.C.

Fellows $1,000 to $4,999
Bank of America
City of Springfield, Department of Health & Human Services
Freedom Credit Union
NAI Plotkin
New England Orthopedic Surgeons Inc.

Anonymous (48)
Becky Abbott
Susan and Edgardo Abello
Dean Alfange
Bonnie Allen and David DeChristopher
Debra D. Anderson
Paul Arsenault
George Arwady
Daniel Augustino
David Band
Carole and Donald Banks
Angelina Barbarisi
Christina Barbarisi
Ann Barone
Catherine Belhumeur
Nancy C. Bell
Marybeth and Wayne Bergeron
Patricia Bertone-Gross
Sheila and Allan Blair
William Bleyer
Robert Bayley
Nancy Barbieri
Ellen Wood Barth
Ed Bergeron
Rachel and Joey Blicker
Jean Blomfield
Lois A. Bombardier
Darcy Borecki
Kathy Bourque
Charles Brantley
Mara Breen
Paul Bristol
Melissa Brown
Amy and Janet Burdewik in honor of Bob Pasco
In Memory of Kathleen D. Burton
Terrie Campbell
The Family of John J. Canavan Jr.
Dr. Anthony S. Caprio
Patricia Caputo
Joan Carlin
Elaine Carlson
David Carlson
Patricia A. Carney
Damon Cartelli
Michael Carvalho
Helen R. Caulton Harris
Alison Cavanaugh
Sara Chaffee
Pam and John Chandler
Katie Chappell
Mary Chwalek
Jay and Mary Pat Clark
Michael Coffey
Marjorie Coldwell
Tim Cole
Richard and Judy Collins
Michael Condon
Michaelyn Connors
Selma Cooley
Mary-Beth and David Cooper
Brenda Cortese
Julia Courtney
Martha Cozanitis
Edwin M. Crespo
Michele and Donald D'Amour
Amy Dane
Ann Dansereau
Dr. and Mrs. Demosthenes Dasco
Geoff and Fran Davis
Thomas Davis
Curt Dennison
George and Sherry Dickerman
Terence J. Dinneen
Dianne Doherty
Richard and Donna Doleva
Richard and Bernadine Dooley
John and Thomas Downey
Regina Downey
Jennifer Duarte
Larry Eagan
Kaitlin Eaton
Margaret Eckert
Janet and John Egelhofer
Jane and Richard Engelman
Henry and Dr. Aline Euler
Elizabeth Evans
Karen Extine
Sylvia Falk
Edith M. Ferrero
Jeffrey I. Fialky, Esq.
Diane Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Fleming III
Herbie Flores
Patrick Ford
Trish Foxwell
Dr. Richard and Attorney Ellen Freyman
Pat Fricchione
Loretta E. Gaffney
Joanie and Bob Galiatsos
Leslie Galluzzo
Janet Galvin
Kathleen R. Garner
Paulette Garrides
Leona Gebo
Audrey Geisel
Candy and Dr. Stanley Glazer
Rhonda Goldberg-Peck and Adam Peck
Michelle Gonçalves
Doreen Gonyea
Lawrence and Diane Goodman
Walter and June Gordenstein
Lawrence Gould
Margaret Goupil
Diane Gowdy
Janette Grace
Jean and Steven Graham
Ernest and Bonnie Gralia
Kristina Guerin
Douglas and Mary Guyett
Marcia and Dick Haas
Deborah Haas-Wilson
Hagery Family
Stephen and Daphne Hall
Mark and Patricia Hambley
Linda and Peter Hammarstrom
Maryellen Hammond
Samuel and Jenny Hanmer
Bea Hano
Brian Harrington
Nancy Haryasz
Heather Haskell
Maureen C. Hayes
Charles and Irene Hayward
Nancy Heath
Carol C. Hegeman
Francis Hennessey
The Henshon Family
Ann and Anthony Heropoulos
Maureen and Ray Hershel
Nancy Hoople
Mary Howarth
John Howell
Estelle M. Hurley
Judy and Ted Ingis
Insurance Center of New England
Liam Jansen
Reverend Philip Jacobs III and Phebe Jacobs
Deborah and Clayton Jones
Jones Family
Nancy and Denis Joyal
Bob Kadis and Donna Fitzgerald
Kate Kane and Craig Knowlton
William Kelliher
George F. Kelly
J. David Kelsey
Jeffrey Kenyon
Meghan Keogh
Mark A. Keroack, MD and Ann Errichetti, MD
Ellen Peck Killoh
Leslie Kincaid
Lawrence J. Kinne
The Kinsley Family
Priscilla Kisiel
Lara Kline
Judy Kniskern
John J. Kominski
Lilly Kowalczyk
Jeffery Kowalski
Kranz Family
Konstantin Kruger and Victoria Kiss
Brooke Lacey
James and Lisa Lamoureux
Jane Landon
Timothy Langevin
Kevin and Susan Lawson
Noel R. and Carol A. Leary
Brian and Nancy Lees
Zoe and Gerald Leibowitz
Terri Leone
Annette Lerner
Judith Lichwan
Lindsey Family Charitable Fund
Ben and Sharon Liptzin
Matt Longhi
The Longo Family
Dorothy and Leo Lortie
Brendan Loughran
Kathleen P. Lovell
Mary Ann and William Lucia
Michael and Kathy Luzader
Marie E. Lyons
Bruce and Patricia MacClintic
Allen and Therese Machia
Mark Mackler
Thomas and Marge Magill
Eileen and Josephy Maloney
Deena Maniscalchi
Ann G. Mann
Krista Marble
Dr. Martin and Mrs. Sally Markey
Anthony Mascaro
Lisa and Michael Mathis
Robert McCarroll
Patricia McCarthy
Dr. and Mrs. Calvin (Jamina) McFadden Sr.
Robert McGann
Glen and Cherie McKenna
Melvin and Mary McLaurin
Ellen O. Melley
Donna Mercado
Vivian Miller and Cary Dash
Judith Mish
Sally Mitchell
Susan B. Monks
James R. Moran
Jana Morra
Angela Mrozinski
Regina M. Mullen
Joane Muratore-Pallatino
Helen Murphy
Larissa Murray
Robert J. Murty
Ronald and Ronnie Sue Nadel
New England Orthopedic Surgeons Inc.
Robyn Ann Newhouse, Ph.D.
Ann A. Norman-Harpin
Sally Norris
Claudia and Jay O'Brien
Brian O’Connor
John and James O'Connor
Colleen O'Leary, in honor of Mrs Doris F O'Leary
Cynthia E. O'Sullivan
Richard and Susan Parker
Maurice Pepin
Manuel Pereira
Lawrence and Anna Perkins
Margaret Perry
MaryAnne and John J. Peterson
Jean Pfister
Wayne Phaneuf and Lori Myers
Melinda M. Phelps, Esq
Carla Pierce
Roxanna Pin
Barbara A. Pino
Lorraine A. Plasse
Evan Plotkin
Jim Plustiner
Betty Rae Poppo
Barbara Prackneck
Theresa Prior
Erline Provost
Cheri Quail
Tish Rabe
Douglas and Denise Reed
Suzanne and Jeffrey Reed
Audrey H. Rich
Richco Products Inc.
Sara Riggie
Jane Riley
Gloria S. Roberts
Anne Rock
Charley Rode
Michael and Kathleen Rollings
Robert and Betty Romer
Corry and James Rooks
Gerald Root
Joan Rosenbaum
Marcia Rossi
Joanna and Erik Rosenthal
Dr. and Mrs. John Rousou
Naunette Rudolph
James and Gloria Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Ryall
Philip H. Ryan
Ronald and Brenna Sadowsky
Richard Sanderson
Julia Schimmelpenningh
Micah Schneider
Nicole Schneider
Christopher and Sarah Scott
Adreana Scussel and Janet Scussel
Scott and Mary Seifel
Harry and Miriam Seymour
Janet and Gary Shannon
Constance Jane Shea
Lauren Shea
Robert Sheridan
David and Mickey Shrair
John and Kathleen Simpson
Eileen and John Skinner
SNE Building Specialties
Bernard Spirito
Judith A. St. Pierre
Elizabeth and Eric Stahl
Peggy and David Starr
Philip and Marjorie Steiger
Daniel and Kathleen Stezko
David and Kathy Stier
Sally Elizabeth Stocking
Robin Stolk
Trudi Goheen Swain
Gregory K. Swanson
Walter H. Swanson
Peter and Donna Szaban
Helen and Walter Szaban
Matthew and Becky Talis
Ruth Tarbox
Sarah and Hugh Taylor
Mark and Deborah Teed
Paul F. Thomas
Vidar Thommesen
Mark and Noreen Tolosky
Katharine K. Turpie
Tusnstall Corporation
Susan Urban
Nancy and Bruce Urbschat
Robert R. Vermast
Todd Volk
Regina A. Walat
Robert and Jean Walker
Peg Wallace
Corrinne D. Waterhouse
John P. Weiss
Nadine and Steven Wenner
Peter Weston (In Memory of Ruth E. Weston)
Kenneth White
Virginia White
Mary M. Williams
Stacy and Tom Willis
Lyman and Leslie Wood
Ruth R. Yanne
Mary Young
W. F. Young, Inc.
Setraq Aroxy Zacarian
Denise Zarlengo